The field research under the AgriDiet project was completed in September 2015. The analysis is ongoing and the research findings will continue to be added to this site.

The AgriDiet site will also continue to provide updates on the latest research findings relating to agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania via ELDIS

Work Packages

  • Pro-Nutrition Interventions

    Work Package 6 identifies project-level interventions in Ethiopia and Tanzania which have potential to improve nutritional status, particularly of women and children, and which may provide scope for scaling-up. This Work Package is being undertaken by researchers in the partner Universities in Ethiopia (Haramaya and Mekelle) and Tanzania (Sokoine and St Augustines). A three-stage approach […]

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  • Household and Community Research

    The household and community-level research in Work Package 5 will be based upon the collection of detailed information on diet, nutritional outcomes and the many variables affecting such outcomes at household and individual level. This will involve the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data on the same issues and households through a range of […]

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  • Local Agri-Food Systems

    The overall objective of Work Package 4 is to identify and understand factors within agri-food systems at the meso-level, that influence local food and nutrition security. This work is co-led by the partner universities in Ethiopia (Haramaya and Mekelle) and Tanzania (Sokoine and St Augustines), with key inputs from UCC for Ethiopia and UCD for […]

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  • Methodology and Concept Frame

    Work Package 3 is the development of a conceptual framework and methodology guidelines for the project.  It is led by UCC with key inputs from UCD, IDS, EDRI and Sokoine University. UCC circulated first draft guidelines in February, then made some additions and amendments following feedback from all partners and consultation with IDS and UCD. […]

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  • Country Studies

    The objective of the Ethiopia and Tanzania Country Studies is to critically assess how agricultural and broader socio-economic policies and practices address nutritional goals, especially for children and young women, and the possibilities for scaling-up of successful projects. The studies are led by the Ethiopian Development Research Institute in Ethiopia and Sokoine University in Tanzania. […]

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  • International Review of Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages

    A final report of the Review of Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages is available here. Click “Read More” to access the report …. AgriDiet-GlobalReview-FINAL-22-10-13 The review synthesises the most up to date research and evidence on agriculture-nutrition linkages. The lead person on the review was Jessica Meeker at IDS.  

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