The field research under the AgriDiet project was completed in September 2015. The analysis is ongoing and the research findings will continue to be added to this site.

The AgriDiet site will also continue to provide updates on the latest research findings relating to agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania via ELDIS

Working papers

  • Tanzania Country Policy Working Paper

    The Working Paper on Tanzania’s policy toward agriculture and nutrition is now available on the website. Professor Joyce Kinabo of Sokoine University is lead author of the report. Click “Read more” to access the link to the report ….. Joyce-WP2-FinalDraft-update 31 oct (2)

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  • AgriDiet Methodology Guidelines and Conceptual Framework

    The latest version of the Methodology Guidelines were recently released following feedback from partners and PhD researchers. The Guidelines will be used to steer the detailed fieldwork plans for the meso research and household surveys in both Ethiopia and Tanzania, which will be conducted by the in-country partners and PhD researchers. The latest versions of […]

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