The field research under the AgriDiet project was completed in September 2015. The analysis is ongoing and the research findings will continue to be added to this site.

The AgriDiet site will also continue to provide updates on the latest research findings relating to agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania via ELDIS

Other reports

  • AgriDiet Newsletter – July 2014

    The latest edition of the AgriDiet Newsletter is now available. With the field survey work now well underway we hope to be sending you more updates over the coming year as outputs become available from our various work packages. Click “Read more” to access the newsletter …… AgriDiet-Newsletter-No2-July14-4-7-14  

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  • AgriDiet Newsletter – July 2013

    The AgriDiet Newsletter for July 2013 is available here. Click “Read more” to access the report ….. AgriDiet-Newsletter-July2013-Final This summarises recent developments at the start of the project. You can receive the newsletter as a PDF version by e-mail if you go to our Register page  

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  • Project Implementation Plan

    Work Package 9 covers the work required to manage the project, including progress reports, annual team workshops and steering committee meetings. The latest project schedule report summary is attached below AgriDiet-Full-GANTT-July-2013  

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