Pro-Nutrition Interventions

veg-mkt-stall-tigray-stWork Package 6 identifies project-level interventions in Ethiopia and Tanzania which have potential to improve nutritional status, particularly of women and children, and which may provide scope for scaling-up.

This Work Package is being undertaken by researchers in the partner Universities in Ethiopia (Haramaya and Mekelle) and Tanzania (Sokoine and St Augustines). A three-stage approach involves:

  1. Mapping of the range of recent agricultural interventions with nutrition-related objectives;
  2. Development of a suitable framework for evaluating the evidence for positive impact on nutrition of women and children
  3. Detailed assessments of a selection of interventions with strong claims to nutritional impacts.

This research is being conducted in four regions – two in Ethiopia, two in Tanzania.

More details on this work package can be found in the Guidelines for Methodology working paper in the link below