Methodology and Concept Frame

Work Package 3 is the development of a conceptual framework and methodology guidelines for the project.  It is led by UCC with key inputs from UCD, IDS, EDRI and Sokoine University. UCC circulated first draft guidelines in February, then made some additions and amendments following feedback from all partners and consultation with IDS and UCD. The revised Working Paper (version 4.0 July) is available in the link below.

The document focuses specifically on the research components of the AgriDiet project. AgriDiet research is structured around three research questions:

  1. How does the wider economic and policy environment impact on food systems and human nutrition?
  2. In what ways do current agricultural and food systems impact on nutritional status, particularly of women and children
  3. What existing agricultural initiatives are likely to have positive impacts on nutritional status and have potential for wider application?

A concept frame was also developed for the project which is based around the UNICEF and FIVIMS food security frameworks.

View the latest Methodology Guidelines Working Paper (PDF)


View the AgriDiet Conceptual Framework below (PDF)