Knowledge Services

This Work Package is focussed on the development and delivery of knowledge mobilisation strategies that respond to local stakeholders needs and actively engage them in the update and application of research knowledge. The knowledge mobilisation strategy will determine the methodological approach for this package.

The knowledge mobilisation strategy aims to help AgriDiet achieve its goal by engaging research users, policy influencers and decision makers, with the evidence needed to help them prioritise the strategies and actions required to bring about effective change. The strategy has been shaped by the outputs of the initial stakeholder consultations and is intended to be a two-way iterative process, shaped according to the needs of our stakeholders.

A key element in this approach is to ensure that the research knowledge generated through the programme is used by stakeholders and ultimately helps to shape policy and practice to be more nutrition sensitive. In addition the programme contains a number of knowledge mobilisation elements which are not only focussed on communication of the research generated, but also around mobilising the wider body of knowledge around agriculture and nutrition linkages.

A working paper of the Knowledge Mobilisation Strategy is available below (also in the Working Papers section of Project Reports).  This will be updated as the project progresses.


Our first Newsletter is also attached below