Nick Chisholm


Dr Nick Chisholm is a Senior Lecturer in International Development in the Department of Food Business and Development at University College Cork, Ireland. He received his PhD, which addresses the poverty-environment nexus in Ethiopia, from University College Dublin.

He has worked in development as a practitioner, advisor and academic for 30 years, with a particular focus on socio-economic analysis applied to food and nutrition security and to poverty-environment issues. He has worked on long-term development contracts in Bangladesh and Ethiopia, in the latter case working for the Government of Ireland Development Co-operation programme when the watershed management projects described in this chapter were developed. He was also Ireland’s representative on the DAC Environet during the period 2000-2005. More recently he was the co-writer of the report of the Government of Ireland Hunger Task Force (2008), and is currently involved in a number of research projects addressing food and nutrition security.

Nick is the Principal Investigator of the AgriDiet project and is leading the development of the conceptual framework and methodology guidelines  under Work Package 3, as well as leading the supervision of the three Ethiopian PhD students (WP5) and the UCC involvement in the meso-level research under Work Package 4.