The field research under the AgriDiet project was completed in September 2015. The analysis is ongoing and the research findings will continue to be added to this site.

The AgriDiet site will also continue to provide updates on the latest research findings relating to agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania via ELDIS

Tanzania Research


Welcome to the Tanzania page of the AgriDiet project. This section contains information on the various Tanzanian activities of the project, including the field research in the local sites. This part of the website will be updated by the PhD researchers and supervisors conducting their fieldwork in each location.

Information on each locality will be posted once the sites have been selected. Field updates, including progress reports and pictures will be made available throughout the course of the project.

  • Farmer Participatory Research in Northern Tanzania

    This document reviews the demand-led participatory model of farmer research and extension implemented by FARM-Africa Tanzania in their Babati Rural Development Research project (2000–2005). Farmer Participatory Research (FPR) was formally incorporated as a component in the project operating district-wide in 2000, following the success of earlier FPR-type work by FARM-Africa and demand from farmer groups across […]

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  • Nutrition in the context of conflict and crisis

    This newsletter brings together a collaboration of papers from the symposium on nutrition in conflict and crisis. The paper also details working group reports, programme news, discussions and publications on these issues.The papers reflect on humanitarian thinking and action, both in the principles that guide and regulate the rhetoric and behaviors of donor and implementing-agency […]

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  • Lessons in nutrition: stunting and anaemia in Tanzanian schoolchildren

    Most nutritional studies and interventions in Africa focus on pre-school children. But what is the extent of undernutrition in school- aged children? What are the particular nutritional needs of this age group? Research by the Partnership for Child Development and the National Institute of Medical Research, Tanzania, examined age-related patterns of nutritional status in schoolchildren […]

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